Invest in a Vended Laundry

A solid investment for success.

According to the Coin Laundry Association, vended laundries realize an average return on investment of 20-35%*. As laundries thrive in periods of both growth and recession it makes investing in a laundry more attractive compared to traditional investments. The public will always need this basic health service – people always need to wash clothes!

*Industry figures courtesy of the Coin Laundry Association

Why Invest?

Many laundry owners run their stores on a part-time basis. The flexibility enjoyed by vended laundry owners allows them to customize their business around their individual lifestyles.

Explore some of the benefits:

  • No franchise fees
  • Potential for a comparatively high rate of return on your investment
  • No special technical skills are needed
  • Minimal employee concerns
  • No complex accounting systems – most of the revenue generated each day can be collected the same day
  • Low labor costs because customers do most of the work
  • A business that is likely to appreciate in value over time
  • Relatively easy to operate – you don’t need to be a laundry expert to be successful
  • We don't own or operate coin laundries to directly compete with you!
  • Multiple laundry equipment lines to choose from.

Why Choose Central Laundry Equipment

With over 35 years of experience in the laundry industry Central Laundry Equipment (CLE) can assist you from finding a location, layout and design, drawings, consultations, marketing and grand opening!

As the Mid-South’s premier full product distributor, we not only offer washers and dryers but also: tables, chairs, change makers, soap vending, soap refills, carts, bulkheads, water heaters, signage and other necessities to make your laundry successful.

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